New work Heading for PAX East & E2C2

I've been hard at work creating more new and fun works for Level UP Dice. They will be attending Wonder Con (Anaheim, CA), PAX East (Boston, MA) and E2C2 (Chicago, IL).

I have also brought on a new assistant to help me with design work, assembly and, as she grows in ability, her own pictures. Please to welcome my apprentice Linda Epton. Linda will be in attendance, with me, for my last show - Dragon Con 2018.

My work will still be available on line and

I will still be accepting custom orders.

Here are some samples of work going out for Level Up Dice

These have not yet been framed or mounted on plaques

Griffin Firebird


Aquatic Dice Tosser

I don't Think it a Carrot


It's Chesse I Tell You, Chesse!

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