Insight in my Art

I have been asked how I do this work. I try to tell people how my small tools manipulate the copper from the back and also add detail to the front. As I'm not very good with videos I have taken a series of pictures to show how the work looks though out the process.

This is the starting of the work. I have drawn the picture on the front and then started pushing out the face and teeth but have not yet started on the neck.

After the pushing out or repousse is finished, I darken the copper completely

With very fine steel wool I gently buff the picture. This allows the detail to show up

At this point I can add the torch work if so desired.

After torching this piece, like all the others, it go into a dry unit where it is sprayed with a sealant and dried.

I then assemble it to create the finished piece that you see at my shows.

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