Sweet & Sad but Looking Forward

It was a sweet goodby to the Ottawa Comic Con. Great regular customers dropped in to give me hugs and grab a business card. New ones upset that they had just met me. We had some tears and lots of laughs but to one and all, remember that I just stoping going to the shows not totally stoping working on my copper and thank you for appreciating my work.

I was able to get my autograph from Matt Smith (Dr Who #11 for those of you who don't follow the show) who is a wonderful and energetic artist. He signed the copper right in the middle and want to create one of his sayings in linear Gallifreyan to go around it . I'm not sure which one to pick but think I'm liking "I'm not running away from things, I'm running to them before they flare and fade forever", as it seem to be speaking to me. If anyone has another suggestion please submit it. Looking forward to present it at Dragon Con

In the new news, I'm almost finished the Games of Thrones Targaryen family shield for a dear friend.

This is how it looks before I darken and shade it. I will post the finished shield once it is completed.

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