An End and A New Beginning

Everything must come to an end. It was truly sad to end my time at Dragon Con and will always have such fond memories to help me with it. Next time I see the crowds of Atlanta I will be just one of the crowd ... a attendee!! I will finally get to see all the action and take my time (kind of have to in that mad rush of people) to enjoy the convention!

I know that I said that this was my last show but I still have some wonderful art that has not found its home. So I decided to attend a lovely one day event in the scenic town of Deep River ON for a one day craft show.

So take a drive out from the hustle of the city and drop in at the MacKenzie Community School in Deep River Ontario on November 3rd from 10 to 5

So no matter if you like fairies, fantasy or dragons ... drop on by and say Hello

#fairies #OneofaKind #Dragons #copperart #coppertooling #fantasy #faerie #imagination #Repousse

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